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Are traditional job interviews and applicant testing keeping you from recognizing real talent?


Have you ever experienced buyers remorse after interviewing a candidate from Yale university, hiring them, then realizing that they completely blow? How about the candidate who did a horrible job selling or presenting himself that you rejected and later found out he is a superstar managing his own company or a rockstar working at your competitor. Yup! You dropped the ball on that one. We can thank traditional practices for giving us the dry interviewing and testing we see practiced today. We have seen and heard of too many organizations like Blockbuster, Circuit city, Sears, K-mart, Borders bookstore, Toys-R-Us being wiped out of existence, don't let it happen to you. Differentiate or Die! At NXGEN HR, we know simple and innovative interviewing and testing techniques are the future. So what is the alternative to interviewing and testing applicants?`The answer is live scenarios and team-work task. For example, escape rooms, lazer tag, gaming challenge, miniature golf, obstacle course, paintball, k-1 speed, team cook-off competition, etc. Every one of these provides the organization with information about a candidate that would have been easily missed during an interview and test. The interview measures the performance of the person in the interview and the test on the test. They do not provide valuable knowledge about whether the applicant appreciates diverse perspectives, communicates well with others, are they a team player, do they delegate responsibilities/ authority, are they strategic, do they handle stress well, do they show leadership skills or possible red flags. Many professional institutions utilize scenario testing to teach and determine if an individual has the required attributes, knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform well. I have experienced first hand and passed the CPAT for the LAFD, the PAT for the CHP, C.E.R.T training in California/Texas, EMT training, OJT, diverse citizens academies and they work. Many advance medical centers and dental programs provide live scenario training and testing that requires solving puzzles reflecting real situations in patients. According to the Journal of Nursing Education of March 2018, the University of Nebraska Medical Center developed four escape rooms to show how nursing students could use their skills during health care emergencies. They arranged teams of four, the students solved assignments/puzzles reflecting depression, auto collision injuries, asthma in children, and other scenarios. These are serious situations and you definitely want a person to have an idea about how they should respond and what they need to do. After all, lives (business) are at stake and you should consider the benefits of finding your superstar candidates before you drop the ball again. Just know, many will cry wolf regarding legal concerns, the foolish will dismiss it as just a fad, and the innovative leaders will find the superstar.

Regardless of your preferred method, you can use any of these existing options, a combination of traditional/new approach or create a in-house custom method for your particular needs. As a Professional of Human Resources, I am committed to sustaining a competitive advantage in our competitive economy. Whether you see our approach as being fun or being strategic, you can be certain that we are here to transform the way you do business. At NXGEN HR we believe in thriving together, and so should you.

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