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The best way to handle negative feedback

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Why accepting and learning from feedback will help you grow.

Feedback is vital for positive reinforcement, constructive criticism, and performance appraisals. Never underestimate the power of feedback and the impact its has on people and organizations.

“Wake up, take it personal, take action, and set yourself free!”

Feedback of any kind is arguably one of the most crucial parts of any individual's journey to growth and success. For many, negative feedback is a tough drink to swallow. In our current workforce culture, it's common to find individuals that will cry, claim hostile environments, pressure, and become instant victims to get leadership off their back on having to change and perform specific task. Unfortunately, no organization is immune to these type of employees. We know they create headaches and nightmares for implementation and organizational growth. So what can individuals do to handle negative feedback?


Feedback will help good employees become better and coach average and poor performing employees to take immediate actions for improvement. Many years ago, as a representative abroad, I was partnered up with Mr. Macias to work on our assigned area. However, my team partner was very reluctant to implement strategies and was very hostile. This caused much delays and frustration to the work we were entrusted with. I provided feedback and gave him an opportunity to correct the situation the easy way. Sadly, he did the opposite and wasn't trying work things out with me. Eventually, I involved the President to join forces with me in helping to make a difference. As a result, my junior partner recognized our empathy and concern for his personal wellbeing. For the first time, I saw him smile and he thanked me for enduring and never giving up on him. He said that holding him accountable brought the best out of him, gave him the courage he lacked, and made him feel free. Im proud to say that we were able to accomplish our goals and objective in our foreign assignment. Negative feedback is truly an opportunity to grow. The best way to handle negative feedback is to accept it and learn from it. Wake up, take it personal, take action, and set yourself free! #freedom #motivation #leadership #work #business #people #growth #personaldevelopment #humanresources #management #coaching #mentorship #wellbeing #health #accountability #texas #california #goals #dental #learning #nxgenhr #talent #success #consulting #hope #adversity

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