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Why you will regret not knowing about it sooner.


Finding the best talent has been one of the single most challenging obstacles for many organizations. Many continue to engage in urgent hiring practices that have only led to bad hiring decisions and high turnover rates. HR departments have been known to be constantly isolated and ineffectively used. Job postings have evolved from newspaper ads to online job-site postings like Glassdoor, Indeed, Linkedin, Simplyhired, Craigslist, Careerbuilder, Monster, and many more. Sadly, many HR departments and recruiters have overlooked the number one recruitment tool available to professional recruiters. Facebook is that ultimate recruitment tool. Although its known and used as a personal profile/socializing site for friends, groups, and families to keep in touch, it contains advance ad features that many aren't familiar with. Through advance audience targeting features, Facebook allows you to create job ads that can target the ideal candidates you are seeking to employ for your organizations. These targeting options include, zip-code, state, city, interest, language income, ethnicity, education, and many more. Just think of the possibilities and efficiency you have been missing out on. Only a hand full of businesses have been taking advantage of this ultimate recruitment tool. Imagine being tasked with looking for a Dental Hygienist, Doctor, Engineer, Teacher, a person with management experience or any other skilled labor. Recruiters can narrow down to people by job titles, associations, occupational licenses, Its literally that simple, and unfortunately, due to all the legal and political issues that have been occurring within these past years, this ultimate recruiting tool with be experiencing drastic changes. Facebook is developing a new restricted system that will no longer allow employers to screen potential candidates by gender, age, zip-code and will have a smaller set of targeting categories. Despite, what happens with this recruitment tool, one thing certain, is that many organizations can benefit by modernizing recruitment efforts through efficiently utilizing social media platforms to bring your organization into the next generation of human resources practices. #nxgenhr #talent #recruitment #humanresources #workforce #business #california #texas #florida

Change is inevitable, Growth is optional

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