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The importance of having employees who love coming to work

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Why you should rethink your recruiting strategy.

Employees are our greatest asset, they keep the wheels rolling on your vehicle(business). It's important to have employees who love coming to work. Especially to invest in key players and other vital hardworking members who are not worth losing.

"A role without learning, growth, and purpose is a dead end job.”

Ever experienced the Monday morning feeling of not wanting to wake up or no enthusiasm to get up and go to work? It should be no surprise if personnel aren't engaged and excited about coming to work.


Many organizations across diverse industries continue to engage in outdated practices that lead to high turnover, disengaged employees, and high cost. These outdated recruitment practices range from seeking to recruit from ivy league universities, quick hires, buddy recruitment, peter principled, and incentivized recruitment. The truth about ivy league recruiting is the fact that students who are recruited will likely leave the organization within 1-2 years.This translates into waste of time, money, effort, and resources in order to get candidates onboard. Because of school branding and positioning ivy league graduates are given a foot in the door advantage over candidates from non-ivy league universities. Research has been known to show that the quality of the employee hired doesn't differ between any type of university. All students are simply people with insecurities, doubts, fears,aspirations, and passions. They are human-beings, with different upbringings and experiences that will ultimately translate into the workplace. People attend universities because they don't want a dead-end job. Sometimes, certain life circumstances don't permit many hardworking people to attend a 4-year institution and have to make the most out of the situation. Even high school candidates want to learn, grow, and have purpose in a job. As a result of years of outdated practices, many popular fast food restaurants have increased pay, learning, and advancement opportunities to attract and retain talent of all educational levels. Growing up in Los Angeles, it was seen as a negative and embarrassing situation to work at any food place. Today, the story is completely different and we have organizations like Panda Restaurant Group transforming the food service industry. Panda Restaurant Group provides an atmosphere in which employees love coming to work. PRG fosters an environment and culture that inspires and motivates staff to live better lives. Iv'e experienced first hand the opportunity to see how PRG provides opportunities with learning, growth, and purpose. A role without learning, growth, and purpose is a dead end job. PRG has a winning strategy that is enabling the organization to expand across America.

The case about quick hires and buddy recruitment is another ongoing problem across all industries. Quick hiring is simply an act of negligence and desperation to fill a vacancy. In the dental field its common to see quick hires that have caused ethical concerns and sanitary problems in the workplace. Eventually the organization experiences buyers remorse and does everything possible to get rid of quick hires. Buddy recruitment is another practice that hurts the organization and potentially causing the loss of high valued personnel at staff and executive levels. Non government organizations and Non-profits are a great example of buddy recruitment at it's best. In which recruiting is done by hiring only from your alma mater or from literal pool of friends. Great key players are often lost due to this kind of behavior. In addition, organizations who advance bodies to take on important roles with vacancies is another mistake. Sure they won't mind the mind the increase in pay but if they have no interest, preparation, and experience you wasted your time. A person who did not ask to be promoted, has no experience, training, or interest in the role will hate coming to work. Through stay interviews,open communication, leadership, and observations you can determine the comfort and aspiration level of staff members to avoid further issues in recruiting internal candidates. Unfortunately, not everyone has goals for advancement, success, or willing to make the changes necessary. The best and safest practice is to provide learning, growth, and purpose for those who seek it. Recruiting with an incentive is very damaging to organizations. Often time recruiters and management clash because of poor quality recruits being dumped to fill vacancies and get a quick bonus. Hiring managers are often rejecting applicants because of the high quantity of poor quality options. whining and complaining usually occurs and executive leadership has to determine who's to blame. Thus, the ongoing recruitment and retention problem that continues to get unsolved prevails. So what can organizations do to address this issue?


Recognize that recruiting is not a sales job, if your trying to sale or convince people to join the organization, you have employer branding issues. The organization should be able to sell itself to anyone seeking to join a great organization. Recruit from all high schools and universities to diversify your talent portfolio. You will be surprised by the talented and diverse candidates that you have available to your organization. By doing so, you just gained access to a greater pool of talent and you no longer limit your organizations potential for success. Simply remember, a role without learning, growth, and purpose is a dead end job and nobody wants a dead end job. It's important to have employees who love coming to work, they make a difference in many ways unimaginable. #business #consulting #people #success #leadership #coaching #solutions #hr #shrm #hrci #california #dental #humanresources #dso #retention #recruitment #talent #research #jobs #texas

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