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Inspiring career moves to learn from

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Why being open to opportunities can be a game changer.

Growing up, I quickly learned the importance of career moves worthy of learning from my father. My father went from being a butcher, city employee, to becoming an ASE automotive technician earning well over $75,000 annually, an industry expert, and becoming a 2nd place winner in Nascar's Talladega speedway competitions. In addition, my father engaged in real estate and automotive investing that allowed him to unlock his earning potential and quality of life. Many years have past, he's now retired, pension sucked, and 401k was a joke. Luckily, previous and current real estate and automotive investments have been the bread and butter of long term sustainability. Thanks to this real life example we can gain truth and learn about realistic scenarios.


“Never depend on your salary, you must be actively engaged in additional income generating activities.”

It would be nice to simply have one income that can take care of everything for you. However, for many thats not the norm of everyday life. Even with great competitive salaries of $80,000-$100,000, you shouldn't get too comfortable.


Due to privacy concerns, I have excluded the following individuals name and used a substitute. Rebecca from Pico Rivera, Ca challenged herself and became a Sheriff Deputy for the Los Angeles County Sheriff department. She demonstrated to everyone that her petite size and build had nothing to do with success. Rebecca proved she has what it takes to overcome the physical, mental, emotional, and academic obstacles associated with a rewarding career. While being employed in an exciting and adventurous career, she was enjoying great pay and benefits as a Sheriff deputy. During her time in service she was offered a side gig to work as part of a private task force for a prime minister who owns large acres of land in the mountains. She was open to the idea and enjoyed additional income, exposure and experience. Her unique assignment was to guard the princess throughout the shift. She would often express that " it's like getting paid to be her friend", All they did was go shopping, eating, and sight seeing. Now this was done as a part-time gig during off-duty hours.


“made a decision that seemed harmless and ended up losing a career.”

One day during a regular shift, she made a decision that seemed harmless and ended up losing a career. I can't express enough, the importance of being engaged in additional income generating activities. Its a best practice that everyone in the workforce should be actively practicing. Whether its a side gig or business, never under estimate or take it for granted.


She contacted the princess to inform her that she was now available full-time due to no longer being employed by the county. To her surprise, the princess offered her a full-time opportunity to become the estate manager for the entire private mountain property. She accepted the offer and now enjoys a salary well beyond the high $100,000's. The princess now enjoys fully staffed and managed property and both are thriving together. At NXGEN HR, our mentoring/coaching experts can help you develop a winning mindset to unlocking endless potential. Contact us now to begin your journey to success! #career #jobs #change #motivation #inspiration #success #people #journey #coaching #mentors #business #texas #nxgenhr #california #consulting #talent

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