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15 qualities of an exceptional executive team

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Why you need to stop pretending you have them and rethink your recruiting strategy.

Exceptional executive teams are a direct result of effective recruitment strategies. Everyone at all levels of an organization is responsible for recruiting. Organizations with an outdated approach often fail and continue to implement harmful recruitment practices.


“True diversity is lived, experienced, and learned by having been exposed to diverse environments, situations, and people.”

Organizations are only as good as the people they have onboard and for many, flawed recruitment practices and strategies have hindered, growth, retention, and performance.


Ever been to a meeting where everyone is going along with the flow and agreeing that you have the best people onboard and that everyone is awesome, and everything is great. Following the end of the meeting, you find yourself shaking your head and telling yourself everything is not okay and the organization needs change. Many organizations don't have exceptional executive teams and as a result tough conversations are avoided, problems are ignored, excuses, and victimization increases. Unfortunately, you can't make snowflakes change. Although you can terminate them from the organization, you can't make them change if they don't want to. However,you can become the exceptional executive (#executive #leadership #business) every organization desperately needs.


“you can become the exceptional executive every organization desperately needs.”

Many have been led to believe that diversity is a quality and strength in exceptional executive teams. Diversity in not a quality or strength if it is simply based on if your blue, black, pink, white, brown, or yellow. True diversity is lived, experienced, and learned by having been exposed to diverse environments, situations, and people. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to participate in a community improvement project for a child development course at a university in California. Unsurprisingly, the professor was constantly on a rant on how white people grow up with gold spoons and riches. Obviously, thats not true and we know the extent of harm this mindset causes for many generations. If your hiring strategy is based on misunderstood diversity, your recruitment strategy is flawed. It is illegal to favor someone for executive roles because they are blue, pink, black, white, yellow, or brown. Another misleading idea is that exceptional executive teams must be vulnerable. The only person that you should be vulnerable with is your God. You should be vulnerable with your spouse and mentor/coach when appropriate for teaching, uplifting, and encouragement. Society already lacks leaders and good role models. People need great examples to follow, without them its like building a house upon sand. So what can recruiters and organizations do to build/form an exceptional executive team that will take the organization to the next level?


Find and add candidates that have the following 15 qualities that are essential in obtaining an exceptional executive team.

1) Accountability- Recognizing personal failure, taking self corrective measure, and gets the job done.

2) Adaptability- Recognizes the need to learn, grow, collaborate, integrate, compromise, and change.

3) Humility- Recognizing they don't know everything and knowing when to seek guidance.

4) Integrity- Recognizes the importance of being honest and trustworthy.

5) Empathy- Ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

6) Humor- Crucial for dealing with tough situations and stress.

7) Optimism- Vital to effectively leading a team,must be able to maintain positive attitude and outlook on to foster critical thinking.

8) Assertive- Important to show a confident personality in addressing serious matters.

9) Ethical- Builds credibility, trust, and employee retention.

10) Resourceful- Provides the organization opportunities to minimize unnecessary spending.

11) Creative- Fosters innovation and opportunity.

12) Reliable- The need to be dependable and a champion for the health of the organization.

13) Unbiased- Approaches people and decisions with an open mind.

14) Problem solver- Willing to take on challenges and remain focused on solving problems.

15) Truly Diverse- Impartial, great understanding and comprehension of urban, suburban, rural communities, ethnicities, economic situations, hardships, geographic, social, and political factors.

Unfortunately, not everyone one has these qualities, many may say and believe they do but they don't. Through good quality background investigations, referrals, role playing, work, behavioral and situational interviews you can find out which applicants have these 15 qualities and make them into your top candidates. Go and build your dream team and good luck!

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