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10 tips for a more satisfying life

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Why decisions are key to your success.

Everyone has a time in their life when they realize they took their decision making ability for granted. Often being followers and suppressing the leader within. Many go through life dormant, manipulated,distracted, and never utilizing their God given wings.

“ the last thing you want, is to end life regretting what you didn't do ”

For many, making tough and sound decisions isn't a natural gift. However, every decision made will impact and alter the path in which each person travels through life.


Too many people simply aren't happy with the life they are living. Often time people seek acceptance, attention, money, fame, and lifestyles that deliver empty promises, depression, addiction, emotional roller coasters, and empty bank accounts. If you pay attention to any news or social media, you can find countless examples of people complaining, whining, making threats, people trying to persuade, mislead, and/or paint a specific narrative with negative intentions. Despite all the scary and negative things portrayed on news outlets and other forms of media, yon can still live a more satisfying life. Throughout my life, I have had the distinct privilege of teaching, mentoring, counseling, and serving complete strangers from all economic walks of life. For the most part, they all share common problems and difficulties in life. Many simply have forgotten who they are, where they came from, why they are here, and where they are destined to go. It's normal and expected, especially with all the distractions and horrible influences that exist. Many are like an eagle placed in the care of a hen, they hatch, grow up and act like chickens their entire life, until they realize who they are, where they came from, and discover their true potential. Below are 10 tips that will certainly put you on the path to living a more satisfying life and discovering your true potential.

1) Recognize that our origin, existence, good qualities, and potential extends beyond our comprehension on this earth.

2) Love and take care of yourself, if you don't do it no one else will. Can't help others if you can't help yourself.

3) Get in the habit of helping, serving, and making someones day regardless of opinions and beliefs.

4) Stop daily habits and addictions,like purchased meals, drinks, new papers, magazines, lottery tickets, pokemon cards, music,etc. You will be surprised of the money you have been throwing away and the new experiences you will gain.Don't rely on just your employment salary, you should have other streams of income. Seems too drastic, try it for 90 days!

5) Refrain from foul and vulgar language in your communication.

6) Surround yourself with positive people and role models that will keep you accountable and focused.

7) Stop getting in the way, be fearless, and go after your dreams! You will never be ready, prepared enough, or confident enough to act. Everyone has excuses and people they can blame.

8) Believe in yourself, be bold, be assertive, be accountable, and take action!

9) Stop chilling and wasting valuable time. Time is money and the most successful people like Gates, Musk, Bezos,Cook and Buffet don't hang-out, they are occupied being the eagles that they are. You only get one chance at life on earth and the last thing you want, is to end life regretting what you didn't do, like the millions of people who have reached the end of the road.

10) Be humble, recognize your mistakes, learn from your mistakes, and strive everyday to be better

I have seen these simple tips implemented domestically and international by many people who I have had the privilege of meeting. The outcome has been extraordinary for the participants and has provided a more satisfying life for them. No one is perfect, I get it. However, that doesn't mean you give up on yourself and stop fighting. Wake up, rise, and unleash your true potential!

Unleashed potential
Stop keeping yourself down.

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